Green crack strain

What is Green Crack?

The name may be somewhat confusing, but no this isn’t cocaine, it is pure cannabis. Impressed by its energising effects, Snoop Dog was the first one to call it the ‘Green Crack strain’. Cannabis enthusiasts who don’t like the association with hard drugs usually call it by its original name: Cush or Green Cush.

Green Crack is a sativa-dominant strain with a Sativa/Indica ratio of 65:35. THC-levels range from 15-25%. There also exists an Indica-dominant version of this strain, however that one is less popular and less widely available.

Where can you use Green Crack for?

Green Crack is a typical daytime strain as it is stimulating and inspiring. If you like to wake and bake, you will surely enjoy Green Crack. It is very suitable for parties and other social occasions. It is also perfect for getting mundane jobs done. Don’t feel like cleaning the house? With Green Crack it’s done in the blink of an eye! These kinds of dull tasks will get much more interesting after a few tokes of the herb. This strain is a natural mood booster and it will enhance the appreciation of your surroundings.

Medically, Green Crack is mainly used to treat anxiety, fatigue, stress and depression. It is also beneficial for those suffering from ADHD, PTSD and migraines. Don’t use Green Crack at night – that is: if you’re planning to sleep and rest. If you’re heading for a night of partying in town, Green Crack may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What are the effects of Green Crack?

As a sativa-dominant strain, The Green Crack strain gives a cerebral high and a strong energy boost. It will get you in a euphoric mood. Focus and motivation are increased, which makes it a good strain for getting things done. In higher doses the effects may become slightly psychedelic with visual distortions and an altered perception of time. This strain can get a bit spacey, causing a philosophical, contemplative experience. Likely, you will tune in completely to whatever you are doing: whether it is a creative project, listening to music or enjoying your surroundings. Green Crack will stimulate the formation of new ideas and the development of different perspectives, while keeping you energetic enough to act upon them.

What makes Green Crack unique?

Despite its Indica-like physical characteristics, the Green Crack strain is a potent sativa strain with a mainly cerebral effect. It has fruity and earthy aromas: this strain smells like citrus and wood and tastes like mango. It is unique for its instant energy boost and the flow of creative ideas it brings about.