Information about Sativa strains

There are two major strains of cannabis: Sativa strains and Indica strains, both with their own characteristics and their own effects. Depending on what you are after Sativa or Indica might be better suited for your use case, or you might be better off with a hybrid, which combines the effects of both strains into one.

What is the Sativa strain?

What stands out about the Sativa strain is its size: some varieties can become over 20 feet tall, although most stay under 12 feet tall. The leaves have the typical shape of cannabis and are a bit taller and skinnier than those of the Indica strain. They originate from warm climates and can take some time to fully grow, up to 12 weeks, which is quite long, especially when compared to Indica, which can be harvested much quicker, within six to eight weeks. The differences between Sativa and Indica are however much bigger than just their looks. The most common guideline to differentiate the effects of the two strains is that Indica works on the body, whereas Sativa works on the mind. This does however not always hold, but it does indicate the major difference between Sativa and Indica. Sativa can have a really profound effect on the mind, while leaving the body relatively alone. This means that you do not get the typical feeling of numbness and a heavy feeling body, but instead the effects are more focused on your mind. You will feel ‘high’, whereas Indica will make you feel much more ‘stoned’. The differences can be really profound, but do keep in mind that nowadays almost every strain is a hybrid between Indica and Sativa. This means that the qualities of both are combined into one consumable strain and that you can therefore have both the effects: on body and on mind.

The THC and CBD content of a Sativa strain

Another difference is the THC and CBD content of Indica and Sativa. A general guideline is that Sativa has a high CBD content, whereas Indica has a higher THC content. This makes the Sativa strain generally very useful for medicinal use, because CBD has been associated with the treatment of several medical conditions. One of the most prominent use-cases is to treat chronic pain, but other possibilities are as an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drug, due to its uplifting effects. Because Sativa will make you feel energetic it is very much suitable to be used daily. Many patients report that the cerebral effects of Sativa strains help them focus and battle different mental conditions, such as depression and ADHD. Do however keep in mind here that there is a big spectrum to choose from, with many different strains offering different properties. This means that the ideal strain for you might not be entirely Sativa or Indica, but instead somewhere in the middle.