G13 strain

What is G13?

The G13 strain is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain that is surrounded by urban legends. The story goes that the US government was using pure Afghan indica clones in order to create the most potent medical strain possible. Supposedly, some of the cuttings – coded G1 to G23 – were smuggled out of the laboratory by an employee. ‘G’ standing for ‘Governmental Indica strain’. G13 proved to be the most stable among them and became a classic strain for both medical and recreational use.

The original G13 used to be a pure indica strain, but the G13 you will find today is a hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 30:70. With THC-levels up to 24%, G13 provides a strong uplifting high. The 1% of CBD makes it a suitable strain for medical purposes as well.

Where can you use G13 for?

G13 is a good strain for relaxation, creativity and romance. It is also a suitable strain for hanging out with friends and having a nice chat. Don’t expect to get very active when consuming G13.
This strain is mood-uplifting and provides a full-body high, which makes it a nice choice for intimate moments with your partner – or just relaxing on your own. Any type of pain will melt away. That’s why G13 is a popular medical strain as well. It is used to relieve chronic pain and other pain related conditions. G13 is further applied to treat depression, anxiety, stress and nausea.

What are the effects of G13?

The G13 high starts with a short burst of euphoria, focus and creative inspiration. It is slightly energising and motivating, but these effects won’t last long. Soon you will drift away in a happy, lazy and peaceful state of mind. The sense of calmness and the full body relaxation it provides will slow you down for sure. However, most people don’t get sleepy from the G13 strain. Its pain-relieving qualities make it the perfect strain for a carefree afternoon or evening. Don’t use this strain when you want to be on the move all day.

Because of its high THC-levels G13 is a very potent strain and it may hit hard. Beginning cannabis enthusiasts should watch their dose. In high doses this strain might cause dry eyes and a dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety and paranoia.

What makes G13 unique?

Its mysterious history makes G13 a truly unique strain. Furthermore, this strain has a pleasantly sweet, earthy flavour and a pungent, skunky aroma with hints of pine. The high is powerful but clean, which makes the G13 strain a favourite strain of medical and recreational users alike.