Critical Orange Punch

What is Critical Orange Punch?

Critical Orange Punch from Dutch Passion is a indica-dominant known for it’s body-stoned effect perfect for partying. The medium strain is considered easy to grow providing a smaller yield within 8-10 weeks. Critical Orange Punch is a cross between indica Critical and indica-dominant Orange Punch.

The effect of Critical Orange Punch

The result is a indica-dominant with high THC content and body-stoned effect. Critical Orange Punch has a fruity aroma with a light citrus and sour edge. The taste is also powerful, carrying over the fruity and citrus  flavors on the exhale. You would want to try this strain because of its body-stoned and euphoric effects. This strain is ideal for evening use, like when you are partying. Critical Orange Punch is an easy strain to grow and will provide you with a smaller yield. The indica-dominant grows medium and stocky and will perform well indoors. Critical Orange Punch is best cultivated with hydroponics using a SCROG. If all goes well, you should expect this strain to flower within 8-10 weeks.