White widow strain

What is White Widow?

The White Widow strain is one of the most famous strains worldwide. It originated in the Netherlands and was first pioneered by the famous Green House Seeds, a Dutch coffee shop and seed supplier. White Widow is a very potent hybrid, a cross between a Brazilian sativa strain and a South Indian indica strain. It is a staple of the Dutch coffee shops and one of most iconic cannabis strains, ever since its first introduction in the 1990s.

Where can you use White Widow for?

White Widow is not particularly flavorful, but certainly makes up for that in terms of cerebral effects. It is ideal for those looking for a strain that gives them a distinct high, while still combined with a physical relaxation. This makes it perfect for recreational users, but also for those looking to treat mental conditions. Some have reported White Widow to increase their energy in cases of fatigue or depression. Other usages are helping those who suffer from attention deficit disorders focus and some users have even reported that White Widow has helped them relieve migraines. Do however note that the effects of White Widow can be quite profound and so users who are looking to use it medically should use it with caution. The best advice is to start with small dosages and work up from there.

What are the effects of White Widow?

The most profound effect of White Widow is the cerebral high it creates. You will feel more energetic and more aware of your surroundings, combined with a euphoric feeling. This effect may last anywhere from one to several hours, but White Widow is generally considered to be one of the stronger strains and so you should expect the effect to be strong and linger for quite a while. There are also some reports from users that White Widow can make you feel paranoid, which is another reason to use this strain with caution, especially for the first few times. Other side effects include the feeling of cotton mouth, but this is not particularly pronounced.

What makes White Widow unique?

The White Widow strain is a very popular strain and has been for years. This alone makes it a strain worth trying: it is a staple of many coffee shops and other suppliers and so you should be able to access it easily. It is one of those hybrids where the balance is just right according to many users, while still remaining a very potent strain. It has also been used by many different patients and so could be very useful in that aspect as well.